April 14, 2024

Ghidul Festivalurilor

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Crystal Pearl

MOLDOVA,CHISHINAU – 05.03-06.03.2022

Soloists, duets, ensembles from 6 to 45 years old can take part. All participants sing one song accompanied by a minus phonogram.
Pop vocal
Folk vocal
Academic vocal
Jazz vocal
Each participant performs 1 sing in the selected category in any language.
The total music time is up to 4 minutes.

• Choreography
• 1. Modern – {Classical ballet, modern, jazz, modern}
• 2. Ballroom and sport dancing – {Latin American dances, ballroom, Caribbean}
• 3. Street dance – {Hip-hop, Street dance, Break Dance}
• 4. Folk dancing
• 5. Free style
• 6. Acrobatics
• 7.Kavkazsky dance
• 8. Wag
5-9; 10-12; 13-15; 16-18; 19-25; 26-35,36-50 years.
The total duration of the speech should not exceed 4 minutes.

Fashion competition – “MISS SUPER STAR EUROPE – 2022”

Modeling – 5-8,9-12,13-16,17-21,22-40 age category

  1. Sportswear
  2. Loose clothing
  3. Evening dress {Cocktail}

Total playing time up to 5 minutes.

Theater of Fashion – • The total duration of the performance should not exceed 7 minutes.

• Application for participation, 1 photo of participants and send a copy of your passport to armagukasyan@yandex.ru Send by February 20, 2022
• By February 25, send phonograms to the mail armagukasyan@yandex.ru (mp3 files).


The cost of one participant in the group – 15 euros, the Duet – 40 euros, the Soloist – 70 euros
Modeling – 60 euros
Hotel accommodation 4 nights in 4 star hotel with breakfast in double,tripple rooms 240 eur per person.
• Send 100% of the participant’s fee to the account below before February 10, 2022. After transferring the specified amount, send by e-mail a copy of the banking document to the post office: armagukasyan@yandex.ru

Contest participants are awarded the following awards:
• a) One big prize (Grand Prix) who has scored the most points in each direction;
• b) a special prize – the World Cup of Performing Arts;
• c) laureates of I, II, III degree (I, II, III places);
• d) students of I, II, III degree (IV, V, VI places);
• e) prizes of organizers of international festivals and sponsors of the competition;
• The performances of the participants in the 10-point system will be judged by an international jury. In its composition, the organizers of international competitions, music. producers, singers and vocalists.
• The decision of the jury is final and irrevocable. Evaluation criteria – professionalism, originality and stage image.
• If several participants score the same number of points, the seats are divided
• Program numbers for the gala concert are picked up by the organizers and the jury. Their decision is final and irrevocable.

• The organizers reserve the right to take photos and videos during the competition, distribute
audio, video and photo.
• Leaders are responsible for the health and safety of their competitors.
• Applications for participation in the competition implies acceptance of the Competition Regulations.
• Contestants arrive at their own expense. Notify if you need transportation from the airport and back.
• All issues not mentioned in the Regulations are decided by the organizers of the competition.
• The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the contest rules.
• Notify the organizers about changes in the competition program a week before the start of the competition.

Competition organizer, President of the World Association of Performing Arts –
Armando Gukasyan
mob: +374 43002448;
Viber,watsapp: +374 43002448
e-mail: armagukasyan@yandex.ru